ExPVR V2.0 Progress Update

Announcements about ExPVR, the Sky+ HD and XTV recording extractor.
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ExPVR V2.0 Progress Update

Postby mrmt32 » Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:55 pm

The user interface for copying drives has now been created along with the re-written Fat32 driver. Trying to create a perfect copy of a Sky+ formatted drive is however taking a bit longer than expected, this is mainly slowed down by the time it takes to format the drive and swap it between the Sky box and my PC each time I make a change! The release should however not be too far in the future.

As a quick preview, here are some screen shots of the new copy wizard:

Target Selection
Recording Selection
Copy Progress

Recordings have now been successfully copied between hard drives! All that is left now is a large amount of testing to check that subsequent recordings do not cause any corruption.
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