ExPVR V2.0 Pricing

Announcements about ExPVR, the Sky+ HD and XTV recording extractor.
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ExPVR V2.0 Pricing

Postby mrmt32 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:15 pm

When the final version of ExPVR V2.0 is released there will be three versions:

ExPVR Free
This will include all the features of the Copy & Format wizard (allowing you to copy between Sky+ HD hard disks) along with a limited demo version of the recording extractor (Allowing you to extract free to air recordings so they can be viewed on your PC). The recording extractor will be limited to extracting the first 200Mb of each recording, in the same way as the current demo version.

This will cost the same as ExPVR does now (£9.99) and include the full functionality all of the applications.

ExPVR Commercial
This is for people who want to use ExPVR for commercial use (making a profit from its use, e.g. providing a disk copying service). The price of this version will be available by contacting us and stating your planned usage.

The free and + versions are for personal use only.

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